Our Services: Online Registration

Planning and organizing an event is only the first step; registering your exhibitors, sponsors, delegates, guests and dignitaries can be a daunting task!

That's why the Planners Plus team is here to help. We have worked on events of all shapes and sizes, and will ensure that your attendees are registered, paid and much much more. From creating an online registration portal to payment processing and financial management, we've got you covered.

Our Event Registration experts can:

  • Customize your online registration system (various options available including workshop selections, one day, two day, double conference, etc.)
  • Create and manage an online system that meets your specific needs
  • Accept Visa, Mastercard or cash/cheque payments
  • Provide instantaneous receipt/invoice upon registration
  • Provide follow up receipts f or those who do not pay at time of registration but do so later
  • Generate weekly registration reports
  • Production of name tags including dietary requirement cards, banquet tickets, etc.
  • Stuffing tags into holders and attaching lanyards if required
  • Producing lists alphabetized by last name and/or organization
  • Collect all revenue and hold in a trust account
  • Financial management including a monthly profit and loss statement
  • Flow funds directly to your organization as required or we can pay bills from monies held in trust upon your written instruction
  • Provide a final reconciled financial statement along with any and all remaining funds

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