Ki Ta Ski Naw Conference

Event Location: University of Winnipeg

Hydropower has emerged as an important source of energy around the globe over the last 50 years; in Canada, it has come to play a significant role in regional economies and as source of energy, both for domestic use and export.

Proponents of hydropower argue that it takes advantage of otherwise wasted energy potential in rivers, cuts greenhouse gas emissions, results in low-cost power for consumers, and is a source of employment in northern regions. Critics argue that costs associated with hydropower reach far beyond economic impacts and that developers must move beyond the rhetoric of green energy to encompass and reflect on the true costs associated with this energy source including social, cultural, environmental, political and economic realities associated with its production of this energy.

Hydropower has been the focus of much public controversy around the globe and has been viewed as contributing to widespread social and environmental injustices. Indeed, some of the largest rivers across Canada are dammed and diverted, which has at times resulted in the dislocation of entire Indigenous communities.

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