Volunteer Manitoba: Volunteer Awards Dinner

Event Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, April 11, 2019 (Club Regent Event Centre)

Volunteer Manitoba is the leader and catalyst for engaging all Manitobans in volunteerism. Their vital contributions to the community include connecting people with volunteer opportunities, promoting volunteerism, and providing leadership and counsel in the voluntary sector.

Volunteer Manitoba and Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries are proud to host an annual event that recognizes Manitoba’s finest volunteers.

Planners Plus is pleased to be providing the following support for this exciting event:

  • Venue logistics
  • Marketing and advertising coordination
  • Administrative support
  • Sponsorship communications and coordination
  • Sponsorship category development
  • Delegate Registration
  • Online Registration monitoring
  • Budgeting and Financial support/management
  • Marketing assistance and development
  • Critical Path development
  • Internal Detailed Program writing

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